Composing A Winning Proposal For A Doctoral Thesis: Tips And Tricks

When applying for a doctoral degree you need to remember that its main purpose in not only to demonstrate that you are an expert in a certain field, but to make a distinct contribution to the field of science. A proposal for a doctoral thesis should present the groundwork for your research and give the description of how the topic will be explored and discussed. Extensive research, critical evaluation and deep analysis are the imperative attributes of this scholarly work. Here are some rules that you need to remember in order to create a winning proposal.

  1. 1. Put time into thinking your proposal through.
  2. Creating a winning proposal is half a job done on your doctoral thesis. Therefore, you should not take it lightly. It might take you days or even weeks to come up with the captivating topic, but it is worth your time. If you choose the right issue to research, your job on writing your thesis will be so much easier. The contrary is also true. Since you know that creating the research of such importance will take a long time, you probably do not want to spend it on something uninteresting and useless.

  3. 2. The purpose of your thesis is to give the details about the nature of your study.
  4. The writing should state the problem you are planning to research, describe what was known about it previously. In the paper you need to explain your contribution to the research and what you think the results of the research mean. Make your text clear – it will be read by people who have knowledge of the field, but not about your particular area of study.

  5. 3. A winning proposal clearly defines the problem and what kind of research is required.
  6. Your readers should not be wondering what you are trying to say and what the outcome of your research should be. Clear academic language is important. Good grammar and thoughtful writing will make your text easier to read.

  7. 4. Present what is yours and what is borrowed.
  8. It should be clear from the thesis what material of other researchers you have used in your paper. Give credit where it is due. You should also clearly state what your personal findings are.

  9. 5. Visualize.
  10. Use diagrams, graphs, tables and images. Even the scientific work of such kind as a doctoral thesis will benefit from visualizing. Always remember, you want your work to be read and your readers to be interested till the end. Use all the means possible to do that.

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