Essential Tips on How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

Choosing a topic for dissertation can be challenging and tedious task to do. You need to search and read a lot of articles to find the gap and develop hypothesis. This is the reason why some people afraid to opt for dissertation but it is absolutely a golden chance for students to polish their research skills and improve writing.

There are many agencies and even freelancers that can work on your dissertation on behalf you. Well, accepting the reality some of them are completely wastage of time while others provide quality services but charges too high. Why don’t you go for free blogs that gives information free of cost? Don’t worry and let’s explore the idea of topics of various subjects.

Marketing topic ideas

You can’t ignore the importance of marketing in promoting business and industries. You need to be creative to have more leads and increase your conversion rate and your goal can only be achieve via marketing. Following topics might interest you to write your dissertation on:

  1. Impact of packaging of product on sales
  2. How does e-commerce change the customer market?
  3. Role of IT on making attractive advertisement.
  4. Analysis on traditional and digital marketing
  5. Changing in business industry due to online sale.

Nursing topic ideas

Health research area is vast and is not limited to public or environment health but also overlap with life sciences field. Nursing dissertation topic can be primary or secondary type of research, so here are some ideas that you are looking for it:

  1. Study of psychological behavior of health care in pandemic
  2. Do robotic nurses serve the same purpose as physical one?
  3. Modifying the strategies of nurses to deal with patients.
  4. Comparative analysis of health facility in UK and USA
  5. Role of nurses in rectifying mental patients health.

Media related topics

Media influences the events globally through TV, newspaper, radio, and social media. Thus, being a media student, you need explore and study the aftereffects of using these platforms. Here are examples of dissertation topics for you:

  1. Impact of pandemic on TV and newspaper.
  2. Highlighting the role of journalists in terrorism.
  3. Does media play role in developing thoughts of people?
  4. Impact of terrorism on media houses
  5. Public behavior towards media press.

Engineering related topics

Engineering is practical field and most of the students stay away from dissertation of such field. The research scope of engineering is greater and your findings can be implemented. Here are some topics for your dissertation:

  1. Research on safety of workers and engineer on constructing sites
  2. Future of constructing companies after pandemic
  3. Innovation in bridges and building design
  4. Developing a device that can detect neural connections
  5. Exploring virus behavior in computer system.

Tourism related topics

Tourism is the field that still needs to be explore and there is so many topics to do research on. Check the following topics that excites you to opt tourism field:

  1. Tourism changes Pre and Post pandemic.
  2. Impact of coronavirus pandemic on hospitality
  3. Factor that effects tourism management
  4. Rise of online tourism agents
  5. Case study on financial budget of airplane services for tourism in Europe.


Submitting a good and quality dissertation opens doors of academic world for you. Don’t choose any random and old topic. Reader might lose interests in your dissertation and might find those results insignificant that can’t be implemented or have any future work. We have suggested you few interesting one but don’t forget to do your own research homework as well.

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