Guide on How to Survive Writing a Dissertation

Writing dissertation can be tedious task as student invest years of research and come up with significant findings to solve a problem or invention of new product. Beginner students who are about to begin their dissertation or thesis might be looking for helpful tips. Being an early researcher, you already know what things should be keep in mind but unfortunately, we ignore some points and face difficulties in research.

Following are tips and tricks that will prepare your mind for dissertation because with postgraduate student it is expected to know small details of process for the good performance.

  1. Make schedule for daily task

The most challenging part of dissertation is that it is lengthy and need time to finish it. You cannot complete it by doing in one week or one month. Make your schedule from the very first day of research to see what things you want to do today and what had already done. This will help you in creating timeline of your steps and decision and daily reminders to achieve small milestone by doing task regularly.

  1. Keep in touch with your supervisor

You might of a lot of stories of strict and rude supervisor from friends and senior. All supervisors are not bad but all are not good either. It is your fate to decide which type of supervisor you will come across. But in both cases, you need to establish good relationship with your professor and attend meeting with him or her on and off. It will your punctuality and seriousness in completing the dissertation.

  1. Avail facilities

Pay more attention to the facilities that are provided by funding agencies and university, that includes libraries, laboratories, scholarships, research grants, and much more. Attend conference, workshops and seminar that are held by your department. Take most advantage of it and learn every skill.

  1. Develop reading habit

Writing a dissertation is not part to worry about but what it makes successful is consistency to achieve goals on daily basis. You need to read a lot of articles, books, and journals to use it as citation and add it in your reference chapter. For that, you need to develop habit of reading continuously and keep record of every paper.

  1. Don’t waste your time in unnecessary points

Reading a lot doesn’t give you liberty to write any points you want. There is always word limit of every document. Hence keeping the word limit in mind, make sure you add relevant arguments to support your point of view and discard useless and superficial information.

  1. Better to cooperate with your research teammates

Postgraduate students are assigned with individual topic to work on but usually forgot that they are not alone in journey of research. You might seniors or lab teammates that can assist you in experiment and gives you feedback by highlighting your mistakes. Don’t force your project on someone else rather seek advice from your fellow to learn and excel in dissertation.

  1. Have a back up to save data

With emerging technology, each of analysis and writing id performed on computer and laptops. Imagine if you lose all your data with the deadline of submitting dissertation? Isn’t this situation freak you out? If yes, then is time to look out for some devices such USB or terabyte that can be portable and use to save your data for longer period. Lost of data can be great loss for your dissertation so it is better to take precautionary measures to avoid this kind of circumstances.

  1. Be motivated and inspired

Doing research for years and failing on experiments and analysis is not an easy task. Writing dissertation is itself a daunting task and it needs inspiration and dedication to complete it. Finishing a dissertation should not be your ultimate goal rather always seek for motivation that will not stop you from achieving your dreams.

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