A Way to Write your Brilliant Thesis Statement

One habit most people tend to have either consciously or subconsciously entails scanning for the thesis statement when reading an essay. It entails that one sentence condensation of analysis or argument that has to follow in a report. An excellent thesis statement becomes pivotal to an essay write-up because it tests your concepts by distilling everything into a sentence. Further, it develops and organizes your argument. Finally, the thesis gives the reader a guide to your essay’s argument. So how can you write a brilliant thesis statement?

The Process of Writing a Brilliant Thesis Statement

Every assignment, regardless of its complicated nature, can permanently get reduced into a solitary question. The initial step, therefore, entails distilling the task into a particular question. For instance, if the assignment involves writing a report detailing the possible benefits of computer usage in fourth-grade, you have to pick the question that your essay will endeavor to answer. Therefore, compose up to two sentences answering the question. 

Additionally, it becomes essential to remember that in the absence of a particular question that your assignment asks, the thesis statement still has to answer questions such as an issue you would prefer to explore. In such an instance, discover the kind of question you would like to base your essay about.    

Attributes of an Excellent Thesis Statement

A brilliant thesis statement includes a litany of attributes, and these include the following. It should cover a subject that can become arguable. Additionally, it should deal with topics that can adequately get treated, provided the assignment’s nature. Express a single primary concept and assert your subject’s conclusion.  

Generating a Brilliant Thesis Statement

  • Brainstorm the subject, which can become a comprehensive issue or theme
  • Narrow down the subject
  • Take a stand on the subject. It should come after reflecting comprehensively on the subject before determining what to write about concerning the topic.
  • Revise your essay’s thesis statement
  • Use one particular language.
  • Assert a point based on a clear and backed up support

Distinguishing Between a Strong and Weak Thesis Statement

  • A solid thesis statement will take a stand. It becomes crucial to remember that your thesis statement has to demonstrate your conclusion on a topic. For instance, if you have to write a paper on a fitness class, you can be required to pick a widespread weight-loss product for evaluation.  
  • A strong thesis statement will justify your discussion, and these have to indicate your point in the debate. For instance, if your essay assignment requires you to write something on kinship systems by using your family for illustration, consider writing a statement that will challenge the expected order of perception.
  • A solid thesis statement will express one key concept.  You have to present to your readers a single idea. Whenever your essay contains and shows diverse concepts, the reader might get confused about your paper’s subject.
  • A strong thesis statement has to become specific. Your thesis statement has to illustrate what the paper entails and how it will help you keep your essay constrained to a convenient subject. For instance, if you have to write a seven-to-ten paged paper on famine, you can consider saying something like the global famine persist across the globe because jobs prove scarce. Practices such as farming on unfertile soils rarely bear any profit. Such thesis statements prove vital because the statement narrows down on the subject into something manageable and specific. It also identifies the particular causes of famine. 


To build a perfect thesis statement often proves an arduous task, and most students end up doing it the wrong way. Therefore, if you want to develop a brilliant thesis statement, consider the guidelines provided and watch it transform your entire essay.

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