A Selection Of Expressions To Use While Composing A Dissertation Abstract

Composing an abstract for your dissertation paper is not as easy as it seems. For one thing, there are specific expressions that you need to use when writing this section since the general language is not wholly accepted. If you wish to make your paper look sufficiently formal, then you need to get custom dissertation help online and incorporate a few helpful phrases that may be used while writing your abstract. Every abstract has four components and these same components are built up by the unique expressions.

1st Component: Background of the study

When penning the study background and its significance, begin with “this study/research” followed by:

  • Explores why
  • Analyses the function of
  • Aims to illuminate
  • Explores the outcome of

If your opening sentence leads to you make a first-person statement, write “I” followed by:

  • Outline how
  • Evaluate these
  • Identify
  • Introduce the concept of
  • Put forward an example of

If you lead with the research hypotheses/questions/goals, then you should write “this study” followed by:

  • Is driven by two pertinent research questions
  • Offers two hypotheses
  • Possesses three main goals

Focusing on the significance of the dissertation, leads us to use the following expressions:

  • Our most significant contribution is
  • Till now, no systematic study has taken into account
  • This study improves our understanding of

2nd Component: Research Strategy Aspects

Start out with “we conducted” followed by:

  • An inductive study of
  • A field research for the purpose of testing the hypotheses
  • In-depth case studies

If you use “we employed”, add the expressions:

  • Numerous test methods
  • In case you wrote, “to demonstrate these concepts, a case study was used to show the way in which” add:
  • A unique 9-item scale was developed to measure
  • We tested the hypotheses using data to measure
  • Employing the data from

3rd Component: Important Findings

When you write “the results yielded by the research”, it is followed by:

  • Illustrate how
  • Showcase how the controversial ideas held by practitioners that
  • Suggest the effect of
  • Highlight the antecedents as well as the results of
  • As opposed to our beliefs
  • As predicted, show

4th Component: Writing the conclusion

In this section, the implications, results and scope for future research is discussed. In this section, it is necessary to discuss the theoretical contributions.

If you begin with “the findings”, then you must add:

  • Prompt a re-thinking of
  • Support the model
  • Provide assistance for key arguments
  • Lend credence to the assumption that
  • Provide some understanding about

Finally, we should end with “It is possible for us to conclude”.

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