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Mission Statement: Tritronics is a God centered, family owned and operated supplier of goods and services to both the wholesale and retail markets. Our family of employees work closely as a teamto provide accurate, efficient, innovative and quality service to our customers to insure mutualprofitability while maintaining integrity.

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FESA Convention 2002

Another successful gathering was held and enjoyed by all that attended the 2002 annual FESA convention. There are so many responsible for our success in this event that it is almost certain someone will be overlooked when trying to thank each one, so let us thank everyone for their contribution that made this FESA Convention another outstanding event. Combining our convention with PSA and ETA again proved to benefit all.

As expected the FESA Hospitality room was open, stocked and ready to welcome all of our guests with our Hosts Ken and Jo Cisson arriving on Wednesday March 6 at the Holiday Inn on International Drive in Orlando, Florida.

Thursday started early with a continental breakfast available in the FESA hospitality room for everyone that came by. Later the morning schedule included a manufacturers “round table” session that was well attended followed by a Key Prestige sponsored lunch out by the pool. That afternoon we attended the outstanding Hitachi Plasma training class by Alvie Rodgers CET who presented a hands on session for a room full of technicians. Our evening included Dinner at The Pirates Dinner Adventure theater. Our special guests Mack and Carolyn Blakely from NESDA arrived and fit right in with this fun loving group. Perhaps the highlight of this evening was the practice revue of a dance routine by Cristol Wagner as we were treated to hors d’oeuvres before the dinner and show commenced. Proud parents Charlie and Kim Wagner along with her many FESA cheerleaders enjoyed her performance. Later we all enjoyed a great meal with live entertainment. The evening ended with a return to our FESA hospitality room for another picking and grinning session with music and a night cap topped off with a lot of fun.

Friday began in the same way, in our FESA hospitality room followed by the Philips technical training session conducted by Tom Fogerty. Our Trade Show opened at eleven with lunch available in our FESA hospitality room for all our guests and friends. We even had tuna or ham and cheese sandwiches to go for a few special guests that were still operating booths in our trade show. It was good to see and talk with Ronnie Hertz from the Florida Tritronics Branch at the convention. PTS Electronics sponsored our afternoon trade show refreshments and coffee.

Our Friday evening Banquet LG-Zenith sponsored a Prime Rib Dinner complete with all the trimmings where our own Billy Williams EHF was selected to receive the PSA Industry Award. A Philips 27 ” TV donated by Philips was won in the drawing by Patty Krokidas of Illinois. Afterwards everyone again retreated to the FESA hospitality room where our musical trio played their harmonicas with guitar while everyone enjoyed their music.

Saturday started in our FESA hospitality room again with a continental breakfast as we eagerly awaited the Zenith HDTV training seminar by Bob Malonowski. Lunch was provided and sponsored by all our good friends from Tritronics and FESA. In the afternoon the FESA annual membership meeting was held and our new officers were elected.

The Saturday Dinner was sponsored by Hitachi where our newly elected slate of FESA officers,President Ken Cisson CET ,1st Vice President Pat Eubanks , 2nd Vice President Eathan A. Allen , Treasurer Billy Williams EHF , and Secretary Larry Scott CET were sworn in by the NESDA President. Our cheer baskets were won by Cristol Wagner of Maryland, Joe Moses of Jacksonville and Candy Scott of Lakeland.The FESA grand prize drawing was then held with Angelo Patacca Jr. of Jacksonville winning the Hitachi 53″ projection Television provided by FESA with a little help from our friends at Hitachi and Viola Allen of Bryceville, wining the RCA Camcorder donated by Thompson Multimedia Inc and Lynn Davis. There were many other prizes won during the evening and again everyone retreated to our hospitality room for the grand musical finale. Everyone that attended came home a winner because a great time was had by all.

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NPSC 2002 Awards


Tritronics received four awards and special recognition at the National Professional Service Convention held in Orlando July 2002. The NPSC, sponsored by the National Electronic Service Dealers Association (NESDA) is the premier industry event for electronic servicers.

Kim Wagner, Vice President of Tritronics, was named Person of the Year. Dorothy Cicchetti, a member of the Electronics Hall of Fame, presented the award and cited Wagner’s years of service to the industry. The award is given to an individual who has made significant contributions to advance the best interests of the product service industry and the goals of NESDA. Tritronics garnered the PARTners in Excellence award for the second year in a row. “This award honors exemplary parts distributors who are truly partners to the independent product service industry,” said Sheila Fredrickson, NESDA’s director of Communications and Information Technology.

Tritronics was also named Distributor of the Year by Sharp Electronics and Toshiba America, two prestigious manufacturers of consumer electronic products. This was the second year running for the Sharp award. Tritronics received an Industry Angel Award for promoting membership in NESDA. No other company received this many awards.

For more information or photographs, please visit www.nesda.com and www.tritronicsinc.com or contact Kim Wagner at (800) 638-3382 ext. 1211.

NPSC 2002 Event Photos
spray foam insulation

March 1, 2002

The Athena Award Sculpture

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about this award program! Kimberly L. Wagner, Vice President of Tritronics in Abingdon, MD, was honored with the first Athena Award at the Harford County Women’s Leadership meeting. The Athena Award is given to a person who as achieved excellence in his or her profession or business, served the community and helped women reach their full leadership potential.

In a nomination for Kim Wagner, Sheryl David-Kohl wrote “As an employer in Harford County, Kim promotes women’s issues in the workplace by providing pre-tax plans for medical and child care expenses, affordable medical insurance, generous leave policies for working parents and tuition reimbursement and flexible schedules for those choosing to attend college.

Tritronics employees approximately 90 people between their two locations. Fifty-eight percent of the employees are women, and fifty percent of the officers and managers are women.”

Kimberly L. Wagner
receiving the Athena Award,
the first in Harford County, MD

Kim, also the recipient of the first Harford County Award, is a board member of the Small Business Development Center for Harford County, is a member of the Chesapeake Professional Women’s Network, is on the board of directors of the Harford County Chamber of Commerce and is on the Northeast Advisory Council for Allfirst Bank. She also served as the President of the Harford County Bar Foundation, on the YMCA Board of Managers, the Harford County Leadership Academy Board of Directors, the Harford County League of Women Voters, the Harford County Republican Central Committee and has taught Sunday School.

Atlanta New Orleans Spray Foam Insulation Contractors

Atlanta And New Orleans Builders Trust Wilserv For Their Spray Foam Insulation Solutions

If you care about your electricity and heating bills, you should be careful how you insulate the walls of your home. By choosing modern materials and technologies, you can cut your costs and make your house more energy-effective. Residents of Atlanta and New Orleans can get advice and excellent services from Wilserv, a company that takes pride in providing the best quality work in this area.

Wilserv is an expert in blowing fiberglass insulation for over 39 years. This is why, when they say spray foam insulation is better, you have to believe them, as they’ve seen all types of situations during all these years. They can recognize a good insulation method when they see it. That made them expand their area of technologies by integrating this modern and effective way of getting rid of all air leakage in your house

.New Orleans Spray Foam Insulation Builders

If you visit the official website of Wilserv, you can read more about this innovative type of insulation. Being a spray foam, it enters all crevices, cracks and other spaces, filling them up completely. This is a very effective way of securing an insulation which will help your HVAC system work less, as it won’t have to counteract temperature variations due to air leakages. These variations are imminent in case of other insulation types such as fiberglass and cellulose.

Another reason for getting spray foam insulation is that fiberglass is a good medium for mold to develop. It can also be the host of other pests, thus putting you in danger of getting ill without even knowing why. Moreover, fiberglass insulation is never 100% effective, so if you do care about your annual energy savings, you need to go for newer technologies, more advanced from many points of view.


Atlanta Area 2350 Hewatt Rd ,
Snellville, GA 30039
M-S 9-5 (678) 935-6520
Augusta Area 135 Depot St ,
Warrenton, GA 30828
M-S 9-5 (706) 452-4813
Louisiana 72409 Industry Park Rd ,
Covington, LA 70435
M-S 9-5 (877) 558-4558

A better house from the energetic standpoint has a higher value on the market. Builders and contractors already know that, so they see insulation as an investment that’s surely going to pay off in the future. There are many spray foam insulation contractors in Atlanta and New Orleans who chose Wilserv to provide them the insulation for their projects. They were right to do so, as the certifications and the references of this company speak volumes about the quality of their work.

If you want to see how much you can save if you insulate your house properly, you can use the special calculator on Wilserv’s website. Even better, you can contact them with your inquiry and wait for their specialist technicians to come back to you with a detailed quotation. You are going to see how a better insulation can translate into a money-saver over a long period of time.

Whether you need an energy audit for your house or you already have it but you wish to improve your insulation, Wilserv is the specialist to contact in order to see what you need to do next. They can give you all the explanations you need for making an informed choice.

Riverside Spray Foam Roofing Specialists

Spray Foam Insulation Options by All Seasons Insullation

All Seasons Insulations Providing Cutting-Edge Spray Foam Insulation Services in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Riverside CA.

Did you know that a proper insulation system in your home, can significantly reduce your home’s energy expenses? Of course you did, but did you also know that Spray-in-Place Polyurethane Foam is the most High-Tech energy-efficient option for quality insulation on the market? Do you know why?

At All Seasons Insulation we provide the best Spray Foam, also called Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF, installation services in the Southern California region. You can always count on a professional job and only the highest-quality SPF materials used when we perform our insulation and roofing jobs. But what is SPF and why is it such an effective method of roofing systems and insulation?

What is SPF?

As it’s name suggests, Spray Foam is an insulation application that can be sprayed onto a surface to insulate it. This method of insulation has been used very successfully by refrigerator manufacturers for over forty years now, and has seen a lot of success in large scale insulation projects.

The compound is the product of a chemical reaction caused by mixing various liquids at the project site. This foaming lather is quickly applied on to the surface that is being insulated where it dries quickly. Spray Foam’s three primary qualities of foaming action, chemical expansion and rapidly drying were designed to perfectly address the needs of domestic insulation.

How Can Spray Polyurethane Foam Save Time, Energy and the Planet?

-The Most Efficient Insulation Option

Because it can be spray applied onto just about any surface, SPF is the perfect solution to contoured surfaces as well as reaching into and plugging up many of the seams, cracks and holes that allow for the passage of air. Unlike the more conventional Fiberglass and Cellulose options of insulation material that fail to deliver the full thermal resistance factor due to inevitable leaks and slips between seams, Spray Foam delivers; not just a superior thermal resistance factor but also a more efficient form of application.

-The Environmentally Friendly Insulation

There are two ways that Spray Foam can be a major benefit to green living.

First of all, most of the energy that is lost in maintaining a cozy home climate is lost in the the transfer of air from the inside to the outside. Over 30% of our energy bills can be paid directly to this loss of energy; the proper application of Spray Foam to the undersides of roofing sheaths and throughout the crawlspaces can produce a sort of “climate pocket”.

Improved thermodynamics of the home can allow you to run off of a smaller HVAC unit and still provide you with the same comfort and climate you prefer at a significantly reduced energy cost.

Another advantage that Spray Foam has for the environment is that it will not need to be torn down and discarded at the local landfill. Furthermore, Spray Foam does not tend to sag or slip out of place and require maintenance as do fiberglass options. Replacing insulation can be a major operation involving pulling out old roofing felts and working with hazardous asbestos materials.

Contact Us ASIFoam.com in Riverside

In summary, a quality application of superior Spray Foam can save you double in its original installation costs in energy savings. If you would like to hear more of the many benefits of SPF insulation or would like to set up a free a no commitments consultation, contact All Seasons Insulations in Riverside, California. Check out our website at asifoam.com and start enjoying the energy savings and comfort of a reliable insulation option today.